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Helping learners find the
"so what" in Social Studies

I offer individual and group classes for teens who...

  • LOVE social studies and want to take a deep dive into topics

  • HATE social studies and think it's boring or pointless

  • LOVE to search for the why when they learn, or who need context when they study

  • HATE a cookie-cutter approach to learning

  • LOVE seeing the "big picture" of a topic

How are my classes different?

  • I help students make connections, which facilitate deep understanding.

  • I respect a student's individuality and encourage the formation of informed opinions.

  • I have experience working with "twice exceptional" students and work to meet a student where they are. 

More about who should take my classes


About Me


I am a lifelong teacher and a lifelong learner. I am passionate about helping middle and high school students find meaningful connections within the social studies. I strongly believe that learning happens more easily when students see how events, people, beliefs, and actions are connected to each other and to the student. I encourage students to question and to dig deeply when they are fascinated by a topic. 

My favorite subjects are history, government, human geography, and current events. I have a BA in History, Political Science and Secondary Education, and a MA in American Studies. As a graduate student, I was thrilled to be chosen to create and teach a course on the evolution of dating in America. I taught in public school, and have spent the last 20+ years mentoring and teaching college women leadership skills. As a mom to two "twice exceptional" kids, I'm also well-versed in accommodating learning differences and guiding students to develop their passions.

Click here to check out my blog for more about how and why I teach.

Classes I Teach

Classes I Teach

Ongoing Classes on Outschool

In Person Classes in Kennesaw

Online Classes For Fall 2023

  • Current Events in Context: There is so much more to current events than just reading the news! In this ultimate mash-up of social studies, we discuss today’s news with an eye to the history of the situation and a look at the potential connections in both the present and the future.

  • Current Events in Context: U.S. Government Edition: Learn about how the U.S. government works through the lens of current news stories. 


  • World History: Through A Thematic Lens: Study world history in a whole new way! Investigate big themes found in world history using documents, films, lecture, discussion, and projects. Consider some of mankind’s most enduring questions, like “what are the responsibilities of the rulers and the ruled?” and “how have belief systems influenced the lives of humans?”  Read excerpts of historical documents, learn the context of those documents, and apply what you have learned  to better understand the scope of human history. Discuss possible answers to the central question in each unit, and develop a solid understanding of both continuity and change throughout history. 

  • U.S. History "Read and Discuss" using "These Truths" by Jill Lepore: Using "These Truths" as our spine, we will explore the complicated story of how the U.S. was born and how it has grown. Class will be discussion based, and highly interactive. Great for 2e or gifted students.

  • Big Questions in American History: A thematic look at the big questions and ideas that weave throughout American history. Topics will include questions like these:

    • What does it mean to be a US citizen?​

    • How has American foreign policy changed over time?

    • How have Americans worked to create political & social change?

    • How have immigrants experience America?

  • Modern Geopolitics: Read & Discuss Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall: An exploration of the role that geography has played in the shaping the geopolitics of the modern world. Leaners will prepare for class by reading a chapter per week, and we will discuss our take on the author's thesis. Part 2, using The Power of Geography is planned for Spring 2024.

    • Offered on Outschool, Fall 2023, Mondays at 2:30pm Eastern​

Past Classes

(Will Be Offered Again - Just Ask!)

  • Human Geography: Geography is in everything and everything is in Geography! Using online sources, videos, lecture, discussion, and projects, high school students examine how humans interact with the world around them. This includes studying population and migration; culture, religion, ethnicity, and language; political organization of space;  agriculture and rural land use; urban space use; and industrialization.

    • Tuesdays from 2-4 PM starting in August​

  • American History: A survey of major themes and events in the history of the United States from the Revolutionary War to the 1990s. The class encourages students to develop a broad understanding of American History and to think analytically and methodically about America, and to cultivate an understanding of the relationship between politics, economics, values, art, literature, and racial, ethnic, and gender identity in the United States.

    • Tuesdays from 11:00-12:30 starting in August​

  • World Civics: Learn the ins and outs of how the world works from geopolitics, to population growth and decline, to types of government systems, and more!​

    • Tuesdays from 1-2pm starting in August​

  • American Government: A look at the major components of the United States government that will include: philosophy of government, the branches of government, campaigns and elections, political ideology, the bureaucracy, the court system and civil rights, and foreign policy. ​

  • World History and Culture Through Art: If aliens investigated art and artifacts on Earth, what would they learn about human culture? Middle and high school students look at world history through art, with the goal of answering the question, "what do humans create and why do they create it?" The class concludes with students curating an exhibition of art and artifacts that they feel best explain humans through history.

  • 20th Century American Music and Popular Culture: Blues, Swing, Rock, Folk, Metal. Every genre tells a story that is woven into American popular culture. 

  • Current Events in ContextThere is so much more to current events than just reading the news! In this ultimate mash-up of social studies, we discuss today’s news with an eye to the history of the situation and a look at the potential connections in both the present and the future.

Who Should Take My Classes?

  • Any teen who loves social studies and who wants to take a deep dive. Do you have a child who yearns to know the “why” when they study? Have you seen them light up when they make connections between topics? Do they like to talk through subjects in which they are deeply interested? I can listen and I can guide!


  • Twice exceptional students. My classes tend to be "high input, lower ouput." Tests and long research papers don't necessarily give the best indication of what a student has learned. Instead, I glean how much your child is learning through their contributions in discussion. We do a fair amount of reading, but I can assist with finding the right text to speech platform or help find some other way for your child to access the reading. They’ll gain a lot of information in a meaningful way.

  • Students who learn better when they see the "big picture." When memorizing dates and names seems pointless, some kids will engage when learning about big trends, themes and connections. I can work with those students!

Who I teach

What Happy

Students &

Parents Say

Darby is the first teacher I've had that did not make me feel stupid for asking a question. 

S.B., student


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