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Diplomacy is more than foreign policy

I'm a big fan of using simulations in my classroom for several reasons. The biggest reason is that it allows learners the opportunity to apply what they are learning. Simulations are a great way to take knowledge and go further with it. Plus, even when I've got a wide variety of ages, ability, or interests a simulation allows me to individualize assignments and expectations.

I'm hosting a simulation this summer at Logic Creative Labs that will involve students taking on the roles of members of the United Nations Security Council. They will be presented with a situation that is not too far off from reality: the UN has learned that North Korea has developed missile technology strong enough to put a nuclear warhead on the western shores of North America. Each learner will be assigned to work as the ambassador from a country on the UNSC, and we will come together to see if we can formulate a plan to ensure safety for North America, and the world, while deterring North Korean aggression.

During this two-day session, learners will come to understand the history of the United Nations, the wide variety of diplomatic strategies, the history of the Korean peninsula, and how the world has grappled with nuclear power since the 1940s. In formulating their country's point of view regarding the situation, learners will have the chance to delve deeply into how their country sees the world, its history, and its diplomatic strategies. Through the simulated UNSC debate, they will practice important speaking and writing skills, and will get first hand experience with the give and take of diplomacy and international governance.

So, why do I say that diplomacy is about more than foreign policy? Because the skills a student gains while practicing diplomacy can be used in almost every other area of their life!

Do you have a student interested in history, foreign affairs, and diplomacy? Local students (aged 13-18) are encouraged to attend. I promise it will be fun!

- Tuesday and Thursday, July 26 and 28

- 12 noon - 3pm each day

- Logic Creative Labs in Woodstock, GA

- $100 per student

- Students not already attending Logic Creative Labs must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination

- All students must wear a mask while inside the facility

For more information, drop me a note:

To register, click HERE

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