Four Months Later....

Time flies when you're having fun, right? That is my only excuse for neglecting this blog. But today is the last meeting of my final semester-long class, and I'm full of all sorts of emotion about endings. I'm bad at endings. I openly admit that. And as a teacher, I feel a particular amount of pressure when it comes to endings. I want it to be BIG and SPECIAL (yes, in all caps!). I want students to walk away from my classes with just a tiny bit of the love I have for what we have studied. I feel that, as long as I can infect them just a tiny bit with the quest to know more about history, geography, current events, and government then I will have succeeded. They may not remember all the details, but that is ok. I am confident that the world of information is literally at their fingertips. If I have inspired them just a bit to keep searching and learning, then I will have succeeded (even if it's not big and special).

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