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Reflecting On 3 Years On Outschool

Three years ago this week, I taught my first learner on Outschool. We were only a few months into the pandemic, and I had no idea if this venture would be long or short term. I saw it as a way to use the curriculum I had developed for in-person learners while filling a need for quality online teaching. Looking back at the last 3 years, I am so pleased with what I have accomplished and I find myself looking forward to what the future holds!

  • I’ve gotten to work with 672 learners, some who have been with me for close to 3 years

  • My three years include teaching for close to 1500 hours

  • I currently teach 6 sections of international current events, 2 sections of US current events (for 50-80 students weekly), and will have at least one section of thematic US history, one section of thematic world history, one non-fiction book study and potentially more in the fall.

  • I’ve connected with students from all over the US, and from multiple international locations (Canada, Australia, Spain, Panama, Mexico, Tahiti, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Dubai, Germany, France, Great Britain)

  • I’ve met students who are on the road to professional careers as musicians and dancers, young people who are experts in antique musical instruments, and an amazing learner who is working on a patent for a robotic hand.

  • I’ve worked with students conquering college classes at age 14 and students practicing their English while learning about American elections

  • I've written recommendations for students to attend private schools, selective gifted high schools, and multiple colleges.

  • I’ve convinced countless students that studying history can be fun and fascinating, and that today’s news headlines connect to both past and present

  • I’ve been challenged, frustrated, and delighted. I look forward to every class!

I am so lucky to get to teach this way. I’ve designed curricula that I know reaches students, and ignites interest and even passion. Certainly, online teaching is not for everyone, but I’m glad I get the chance to meet so many amazing teens from around the world. Here’s to the next 3 years!

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