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Thinking Of The Months Ahead

For local homeschoolers, I've got space available in the classes I am offering as part of the FreeSpace Learning Pod. We're a small group of dedicated homeschoolers offering a low-stress environment for high schoolers to get the classes they need. Parents can drop off students aged 14+ for classes, or can stay and hang out. It's a teen-only environment, but younger kids are welcome to stay with parents. There is no fee beyond the class charges to attend. We ask only that you follow our minimal rules, respect the space and other students, and come to learn. We meet at 950 Shiloh Rd NW in Kennesaw.

US History: 1900 - 1990 (ages 14+)

  • Modern US history that encourages students to develop a broad understanding of American History and to think analytically and methodically about America, and to cultivate an understanding of the relationship between politics, economics, values, art, literature, and racial, ethnic, and gender identity in the United States.

  • Students have weekly work to do to prepare for class; class is interactive

  • Modifications can be made for learning differences

  • Tuesdays from 11-12:30pm

  • $475.00 (payment plans available)

Global Civics: How the world works, and sometimes doesn't (ages 16+)

  • Spring topics may include the following:

    • Climate Change: How Will Climate Change Impact Geopolitics Going Forward?

    • Cyberspace & Cybersecurity:  The Internet Brings Us Together, Right?

    • Terrorism: Who Does It? When? Where? Why?

    • Global Health:  Covid 19 Is Not The First Or Last Pandemic

    • Nuclear Proliferation: Is It Even Possible To Stop The Spread?

    • Trade: The Ultimate Area For Friends and Enemies

    • Monetary Policy and Currency: Economic Decisions Can Impact The World

  • Students have weekly work to prepare for class, and analytical journal entries

  • Modifications available for learning differences

  • Best for students who have taken world history or geography

  • Tuesdays 1-2pm

  • $350 (payment plans available)

Human Geography: How humans interact with the world around them (ages 14+)

  • Spring topics will include geopolitics, urban and agricultural geography, the geography of health, and more

  • Students have weekly work to prepare for class; class is interactive

  • Modifications available for learning differences

  • Tuesdays 2-3:30pm

  • $400 (payment plans available)

Ready to register? Have questions? Email

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